Benefits of Chew Sticks

Benefits of Chew Sticks

Reprint of article by Afrostyle Magazine 

Recently, I have been researching chew sticks as an alternative to or in addition to toothbrush and tooth paste and powders. While there are excellent articles on the history, benefits and future of chew sticks in our oral hygiene habits, most impressive was an article in AfroStyle magazine 2012 issue, simply titled The Chewing Stick. And watch the informative video on chew sticks titled, Why Chew Sticks. 

P.S. Whisper will be offering chew sticks in 2022.

The Chewing Stick (

Why Chew on Sticks - Bing video


"It has been determined that chewsticks from 13 different plants not only contain substances that possess antibacterial properties but have astringent, detergent, and abrasive properties as well. 

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended and encouraged the use of these sticks as an effective tool for oral hygiene. It was confirmed by the experts that the toothbrush is not superior to the chew stick as regards its capacity to remove dental plaque." 

The use of the chew sticks is entirely consistent with the Primary Health Care Approach (PHCA) principles and that of a focus on prevention, community participation technology. By using it, the notion of self-reliance can be encouraged and implemented in poor countries where it is available locally and does not need technology or expertise or extra resources to manufacture it. It can be used by both children and adults; thus, it is appropriate for all societies. The use of chew sticks is catching on in industrialized countries. "

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