• Tooth Fairy

    Conspiring with Mother Nature to keep your "pearly whites" healthy.

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  • Karumba

    It does more than whiten teeth. It stops bad breath, heals bleeding and inflamed gums.

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  • Restore

    Balance is the key to perfect health. Restore the perfect pH balance in your mouth
    after every meal. Harmful bacteria will not survive.

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  • Watch Yo' Mouth

    Powerful aid in periodontal disease. You will be amazed at how quickly your oral health will improve.

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  • Adam's Bundle

    Use Tooth Fairy and Watch Yo' Mouth or Restore together for optimum dental health care... and save more than just your teeth.

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  • Good Foot

    Its a love letter to your feet in a jar. Go ahead, pamper yourself. Let your feet know
    how much you appreciate them.

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The Organic Mission

At Whisper, we're on a mission to redefine body care as a journey of self-discovery and well-being. Beyond cosmetics, we're your partners in listening to your body, embracing balance, and fostering a harmonious relationship with yourself. True beauty, for us, goes beyond skin deep, resonating with the delicate balance of thoughts, words, and deeds. Join us in embracing the transformative power of organic ingredients and cultivating a holistic connection with yourself, from head to toe. Welcome to Whisper, where beauty and well-being converge seamlessly.

  • Tooth Fairy powder is the best! I fell in love with this product. The mixture of the herbs is soothing, they have an earthy aroma that is pleasing to taste, and they worked magic with whitening and removing plaque. And did I say it's all-natural!!!

    - Tracey B.

  • I highly recommend Tooth Fairy and Watch Yo' Mouth. The tooth powder is nothing like traditional toothpastes. It’s nice to have something chemical free that works so well.  The taste is actually very natural.

    - Alicia H.

  • Watch Yo’ Mouth had been a lifesaver. After dental surgery two years ago, my gums were sensitive, making it uncomfortable to brush my teeth. After 2 weeks of daily usage I could see and feel the difference. At two months in, my gums have almost completely healed. Thanks for this wonderful product.

    - Lystra E.