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Watch Yo' Mouth: Organic Herbal Mouth Wash

Watch Yo' Mouth: Organic Herbal Mouth Wash

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Contains: Organic blend of herbs that include, both echinacea and yarrow. Allow their anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to assist in stopping bleeding and healing inflamed gums.Includes organic myrrh, white oak bark, cinnamon, echinacea, and barberry. 

Directions: Swirl and hold 1-2ozs in mouth for 30 seconds. Spit out. Do not rinse. The wash will gradually get hotter while you swirl it around. It’s just the capsicum increasing the blood flow in the mouth which helps heal gum tissue.

Size: 16oz

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Powerful aid in periodontal disease. You will be amazed at how quickly your oral health will improve.