Tooth Fairy and Watch Yo’ Mouth Receive Dentist Approval

Tooth Fairy and Watch Yo’ Mouth Receive Dentist Approval


In a recent Instagram post, there is the backstory about how Tooth Fairy and Watch Yo’ Mouth were developed. But the story doesn’t really begin there. It begins with wanting to help my husband improve his dental health and--- somewhere in the middle of the story ---- my dentist recognizing that my husband’s oral health was improving and encouraging me to continue to develop Tooth Fairy and Watch Yo’ Mouth.  

After reading article after article, book after book on dental care, I discovered dental care “ain’t just teeth”.  It’s gums, jaw bones, inside of the jaws, tongue, palate, saliva, and the mouth micro-biome (i.e., the good and harmful bacteria that populate our mouths).

So, for those who did not see the Instagram post, I have included the testimonial of my dentist. He took the time to write not one but two testimonials. The first was in “doctor-speak”, so he translated that into plain English.

Thank you, “Dr. Clift”.  I will forever be grateful for your knowledge and skill as a dentist and for your belief, support and encouragement to continue to research and develop Tooth Fairy and Watch Yo’ Mouth and make it available to others.

Below is his testimonial….in plain English:

In March of this year, during the Covid pandemic, I saw a patient for an emergency visit.

At the time, we were only treating the emergency situations, but this patient also needed to have a professional cleaning which we could not provide during the pandemic. There were areas of mildly swollen gums and bleeding areas. One month later in April, this same patient was in for another issue, but it was clear that something was different about his mouth. His gums were not bleeding. The puffy swollen areas had flattened and tightened around his teeth.

There was such a significant improvement in the mouth that, I inquired whether he was doing something differently during the last month. He said that he had not changed his routine, but his wife urged him to use a tooth powder she had made called Whisper Tooth Fairy and an herbal mouth wash called Watch Yo Mouth. So, for this one-month period, he was using Tooth Fairy and Watch Yo’ Mouth. His teeth were smooth and clean, his gum tissue was not swollen, and the bleeding areas had surprisingly returned to normal. Tooth Fairy and Watch Yo’ Mouth worked for him and is made of natural ingredients. It certainly is worth purchasing and using regularly.”  Dr. P.C. DDS

Then Dr. Clift purchased a dozen jars to make available to his patients.  Specifically, patients that would be receptive to using a natural, organic, chemical, and preservative free product –that wasn’t in tooth paste form or mouth wash that didn’t contain alcohol.

While we discussed making Tooth Fairy and Watch Yo’ Mouth more like what his patients were used to, we also realized doing so would compromise their integrity and effectiveness. Sure, adding sodium lauryl sulfate would make it foam ---like a toothpaste, or adding glycerol a.k.a. glycerin would keep it moist and keep it from drying out---like a toothpaste--- and of course once you add a liquid you must add a preservative like benzyl alcohol to stop the growth of harmful bacteria. But nothing can surpass the healing properties of Mother Nature. Pure. Unadulterated.

Purchase yours today—better yet, purchase some for someone you love.


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